The Dirty Little Secret About North Korea

December 20, 2011 § Leave a comment


Not so fast. The dirty secret is that none of the major powers operating in the Pacific want to see the North Korean dictatorship collapse.

According to Eric Margolis a veteran journalist on the subject writes that South Koreans fear “accidental unification” much more than nuclear weapons.

If the North Korean state ever completely failed, South Korea (and by extension the U.S. which has scores of thousands of troops there) would wake up to a spreading humanitarian crisis, with millions streaming over the demilitarized zone seeking food and shelter.

South Koreans don’t want to take responsibility for an enormous number of illiterate, malnourished North Koreans. But neither the United States or South Korea want to keep the electricity flowing through the fences to keep South Koreans penned inside their prison state.

If North Korea collapses China, Japan, and Russia would also be faced with ships of North Korean “boat people.”


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