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Love this! Is it slow culture? A kind of Luddism? “Random Acts of Kindness (and needlework)” staged for the unsuspecting public? Love how such a small and comfy intervention stitches together a bit of torn social fabric!

Making Something Good

“No man’s pie is freed from his ambitious finger.”

Henry VIII, by William Shakespeare

“Wait!” I called out. “Did you guys see this?”

We all looked down at the standard metal street-side bench–that had suddenly become less standard. Three knitted pies were attached to the metal as if they were cushions. I’m not sure how comfortable they were (who wants to sit down on knitted pies when you could be standing up and looking at them instead?), but they were really, really cool.

After that we started noticing knitted things everywhere: tiny cupcakes attached to other benches, hotdog and veggies snuggled in between the leaves of trees, grape vines winding their way down a metal stairway railing. We started talking to other random people about it–if I remember correctly, our waitress Saturday night tipped us off to the grape vine. We’d hear the rumor and then go out of…

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