Powershift — youth for a green future

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just came across this on 350.org: We are Powershift. Here’s an excerpt from their site:

Plain and simple: Power Shift 2011 is a mission to recruit 10,000 youth leaders from every walk of life to be on the front lines in the fight for a clean energy future.

We are moving far beyond the pursuit of building a crowd for a weekend conference. Power Shift 2011 attendees – young faith leaders, entrepreneurs, student government leaders, social justice advocates and blue-collar workers – are signing up for the launch of critical, focused, and strategic campaign efforts in their communities.

Each participant will head to Power Shift not only as an individual committed to seeing political change, but as an activist and leader eager to build the specific skill set required to return and lead their community towards tangible and visible change over the course of the next two years.

I really like this — and it seems to be exploding. Activism, period, seems to be exploding. It’s like that moment in the film Network where Peter Finch screams out the window: “We’re not going to take it anymore!” And with a shrill cathartic release of pent-up frustration, a nation wakes up from the slumber it has been lulled into by the media.

Media today are doing activism a much greater service. And when they fail, social media holds them in check. Armed with their own journalists, but faster than mainstream news, those on the streets post their videos, interviews, pictures, blogs and tweets in realtime.

Perhaps media and communication really are about to make an enormous difference. Not for raising awareness only, but for galvanizing action. I like it.


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