Fluid dynamics

October 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Power and the organization of fluids. If we live in flow, how is flow organized? How are flows organized?

Ocean currents — internal organization. Differences of temperature, salinity, the spin of the earth and the pressure differentials of winds above. Currents flowing from high to low pressure zones. A vast expanse of flows internally organized — seemingly liquid but in fact highly stable.

Territorial water use — external organization. Regulation by means of aquifers, channels, dams, the containment of flow and the suspension of volumes until regulated release permits free flow. Flows subject to supply and demand. Liquids disappearing.

Balinese water culture — the regulation of social exchange by reference to water gods. Use of water temples to hold social rituals and to simultaneously marry between families and make offerings to local water gods. A system of faith and flow intelligence that results in a near-perfectly efficient distribution of local rain water to plantations below; water use regulated internally by cultural practice, externally to water flow, for ideal sharing of water nutrients, mitigation of pests, fairness of water use.


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