Dogmatically opposed to dogma

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

It belongs to punditry perhaps, but dogmatic repudiations of dogma are worth calling BS on. Here’s one: “All software will be social because humans are social.” Not really sure what that means. Yes, humans are social. But not all human activity is socially oriented. If it’s done privately, for example. If it’s an inner thought. If it’s kept secret. Secrets — there’s a good edge case. Secrets are deeply social — but only when they’re revealed, at which point, they’re no longer secrets. So I don’t see the point in dogmatically repudiating dogmas just for the sake of reinserting a new one where the old has perhaps ceased to inspire. Better, would be to figure out how things work, with a mental sensitivity and palette of ingenuity capable of seeing what’s not self-evident.


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