People in motion

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Had a great time last night with an old friend. I was skipping out on F8 after parties, and not sure at first that I was making the right choice. But I have been searching for inspiration of late. And she provided it. She brought me back to who I am. Which helps me focus on what it is I want to do.

I really enjoy working with companies that need to get back on track. Need to find their core values and rally around what it is that they are trying to do. Industry changes come so quickly now in social technologies — big changes such as those announced by Facebook impact not only the industry, but all companies playing in it. Changes come not only from the impact a company like Facebook has on the market for user eyeballs and activities. But they change what people are accustomed to doing in social networking, too.

So many companies become caught up in the shuffle. Confusion results. Management searches for the right path forward. Often times, users — the reason a product or service exists, remember — experience this confusion and go elsewhere. This is the perfect time for change. Conditions demand change. Leadership then is of paramount importance. Managing and guiding management forward — this is what I enjoy doing for clients. And so i am looking forward to much more of it in the coming months.


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